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In the Egg Edge: Art-chitecture & Design-egged | ⋐⋑Connecting Trends

Architecture & Design inspired by the shape of an egg

As we have seen on our last articles, the shape of an egg has inspired many creative fields, and of course, Architecture and Design are two of them impossible to miss.

The natural shape of an egg is the perfect cocoon to create from a very cozy and cute chair for exemple in this conceptual bar in the west of France and considered as an « Oeufvre d’Art« : Le Nid.

But it has also been an inspiration in the past, especially during the 60’s; the Egg chair designed by danish designer Arno Jacobsen became a must and one of the most recherchées (looked for) pieces of treasure vintage furniture design by connaisseurs and collectors. And it’s personally one of my favorites.

If we see in Architecture there’s also plenty of exemples of how just a simple egg shape can become a modern and technologic office-building Mumbai, created by the international Hong Kong based Architecture office James Law Cybertecture International.

The most cute and useful egg to literally be in a cocoon is the Japan’s Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio who designed a Concrete pod to escape daily stress and relax in a eggshell.

I’m not going to describe all the infinite exemples of egg-nspiration on Design & Architecture, but you can check our Pinterest board to look for more information about each picture below and find inspiration.


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Laura Garciouz

I'm an Interior Architect & Designer passionated by all creative fields. You're welcome to be part of this universe with unlimited boundaries!


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