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From Surregglism Art to Eggcentric Fashion | ⋐⋑Connecting Trends

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My mother is a journalist from Barranquilla Colombia and one of the most cultivated persons I know.  She loves reading since she was a child and she was truly interested in Art and especially the Surrealism artistic and literary movement. When i celebrated my sixth birthday, she decided to do a sort of ode to Dalí and made me a white and yellow happy birthday theme party. The cake represented a fried egg, all the balloons were white and yellow and she dressed me in a white dress with a horrible yellow ribbon. I still remember being really disappointed because I was expecting something more like Strawberry Shortcake or My Little Poney theme and all I got was a fried egg cake! Today I laugh on her continuous eccentricity and find that very creative! In conclusion this article is dedicated to my Surrealistic mother who brought me to remember this anecdote which is associated to this week theme: The egg.

*Unfortunately i don’t have any picture from the happy birthday egg party theme but my poor little chicken I had for mascot and didn’t last for more than one or two weeks. 


One of the questions we can ask is, who influenced who? Art or Fashion? In this case we can say that Art influenced Fashion. One of the forefather of the artistic  » Egg movement »  (I just declared that The Egg is a movement) was the catalan Surrealistic painter Salvador Dalí who was truly inspired by the shape of an egg and it was one of the most common Dalíesque symbolic image used on his paintings. The egg represented not only the birth and the uterus of a women (in this case it’s also a specific call to his muse and wife Gala) but it’s also a reference to The Renaissance era; to revisit the past in sort to be born again renovated.   « While working on this painting, Dali jotted down the following list of words which help summarize the period of change: “Parachute, paranaissance, protection, cupola, placenta, Catholicism, egg, earthly distortion, biological ellipse. »


Salvador Dalí in Cadaques




« Geopoliticus child watching the birth of the new man. » Oil on canvas, Salvador Dalí, 1943


Eggs on the Plate Without the Plate, oil on canvas, Dalí,1932


And to complete this selection of painting around the Egg theme, i will finish by the Art work of the Russian Surrealistic Vladimir Kush and his painting « Sunrise by the ocean, » in which « the egg symbolizes the rising Sun and the beginning of Life.« 



Eggcentric Fashion

Another Surrealistic and Eggcentric spanish is Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and one of my favourite Fashion Designers. For her fall/winter 2009 and 2013-2014 collections she revisited the egg theme and created a collection around it.

But there was also Gwen Stephani and other designers inspired by the egg. Please refer to our Pinterest board to know more about each picture below.

Gwen Stephani wearing an egged dress

David Lachapelle

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In the Egg Edge: Art-chitecture & Design-egged

Laura Garciouz

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