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☼ Finally Connecting Trends is born | ⋐⋑Connecting Trends

Connecting Trends is born

Arcade Fire_Connecting Trends is born

As my followers on Pinterest may have noticed, since 2011 i slowly became addicted to search images I love or remind me something I lived during my childhood. I have to say that personally I started collecting different images on the website FFFFOUND and slowly transformed my collection into some boards on my personal Facebook, organising them into different categories, and it was basically a way to make some kind of order on my mind. Almost of us we have been influenced by different moments in our lives; it could have been a movie, a song, a TV show, a cartoon, or simply a moment shared with someone; everything that have made in some sort who we are today. I don’t believe in 100% uniqueness and originality, because even the most revolutionary discovery started in a base of something already existing in sort to be transformed into something new.

For people who know me, I have always been interested in different fields of basically everything which involves creativity: Fashion, Design, Art, Architecture, Photography, and the list is very long. Also, since years I have always kept my little pocket camera with me everywhere I go and I am a kind of collector moments addicted person. Driven by curiosity, i always try to keep an eye on things that seems different, unique and special for me. I started years ago with a little humorist tumblr called Pépites de la Rue, in which I used to post pictures « out of ordinary » that made me smile. I think everything started there in some way.

Then I started noticing that all the Trends were reunited in one and only pattern or print and that all the creativity is unlimited. Some of my Designers and Architects friends or colleagues are going to say that it has « nothing to do one to another. » But i have to say that YES they have, and much more since social media has became faster and grows considerably since years. Basically it’s impossible not to be influenced by Bloggers, Designers, Artists, Stylist, etc. Even the most biggest Maisons de Couture are into a running course to create always the first trendy collection, when it’s been months some influencial bloggers have already spoke about some trend and they are already thinking about the next style before the Fashion Designer launches his collection.

This blog only pretends to explain how everything is connected between the Fashion industry and Design & Architecture.

I hope you’ll enjoy this new adventure with me and please forgive my English, i will try to make my best effort.

Finally two videos from two of my preferred artists that maybe helped me to launch finally this blog and not be ashamed anymore and take my courage « with my two hands. »



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