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DI.ME concept store: Mexican Design invades Paris | ⋐⋑Connecting Trends

Le Mexique c’est chic

GIF_Connecting Trends_DIme Mexico_29.07.2015



01_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015

DI.ME is an abbreviation for Diseño Mexicano (Mexican Design) and is the initiative of the international business development Pro México office in Paris, and 100% sponsored by the Mexican government with only one purpose: to let the French people discover what’s Mexican Design and what’s happening there right now. Pure Mexican Trend.

We spoke with Guillermo Garza, who is the Trade & Investment commissioner at Pro México and he told us about this great project and how they made it. In the beginning, a special French committee was sent to discover Mexico and to make a first selection of the local Fashion brands that were likely to be successful in France and specially for the Parisian very selective market. In the end, more than 30 brands arrived to the pop-up store located in Le Marais and presented their products for one month. The purpose of this temporary concept-store was to let the Parisians discover more than the typical Mexican clichés about their tradition and culture: here you’re not going to see sombreros or ponchos, but only Mexican Contemporary Designers; young brands spreading their ideas with a sparkling touch of Mexican tradition in the background.

Here’s what we discovered and liked the most to show us on our blog.

19_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015

05_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015

23_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015

24_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015

20_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Dalia Pascal Design | Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015

21_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015

06_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Pineda Covalin Design |Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015

07_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Pineda Covalin Design |Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015


Another brand we liked was Carla Fernandez. For this collection, she was inspired in geometric shapes from Aztec and Maya culture.

14_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015

15_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015

16_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015

17_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015

28_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Isaac Rankuroi Design |Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015

26_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Isaac Rankuroi Design |Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015

27_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Detail of Isaac Rankuroi Design |Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015


Ciudad de México by night | Photo by Latam business network

29_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

©Connecting Trends 2015

02_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015


At Di.Me Pop-Up store in le Marais, we had the occasion to meet Paola Wong, more known as Pavo Wong and she’s the very creative director and Fashion Designer of mexican happy fashion brand Pink Magnolia. Her universe is very romantic ad feminine and for her SS 2015 she was inspired by the colourful region of Chiapas, recognised by their beautiful handicraft. She wanted to create something more pop and contemporary and less literally folkloric. For that, she collaborated with a Graphic Designer who draw the colourful pyramid and flower prints used on her collection, and emphasising them with a black and white background. Personally I found that this was one of the best pièces de prêt-à-porter present at the pop-up store and one of my favorites.

09_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Meet Pavo, the creative director of Pink Magnolia |Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015

12_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Those prints inspired by the Mexican pyramids aren’t just incredible? | Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015

11_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Close-Up | Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015

08_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Fashion Designer Pavo Wong | Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015

10_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

Close-up of the | Photo by ©Connecting Trends 2015

Also, don’t you think there’s a little Space Invader’s inspiration on these incredible pyramid prints? I love it!

GIF Space Invaders by Connecting Trends


And she was also inspired by Piñatas that were part of every child in Latin America :)

13_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015

©Connecting Trends 2015

Traditional Mexican piñata

03_Connecting Trends_Mexico_29.07.2015


And to complete our first article about Mexican Fashion Designers presented at Di.Me concept store, we wanted to present you some Fashion Editorials inspired by rich Mexican Culture: Art (Frida Kahlo), Music (Mariachis) and religious tradition.

For more Mexican Printspiration and information about each picture above, please visit our Pinterest. And for this special occasion, we have a Pinterestean Ambassador, our local Mexican corresponder Marisol who is going to help us to pin on our board during all the Mexican Week Theme.

For next collaborations you’re invited to contact us. Stay tuned and informed about each theme on our Twitter


And because I love to give you some surprise for the end, a short clip inspired by Frida Kahlo Editorials from all around the world. The music is from the Kahlo’s soundtrack. Enjoy!

African Printspiration moodboard

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